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[img_floated_left src=”http://fatin.ae/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/fatin1.png” alt=”” ]Fatin Furnishing based in Dubai United Arab Emirates Offers the highest quality interior furnishings to complement your home, Offices and five star Diamond Properties. we offer an extensive range of window and soft furnishings to include in your renovation project or to simply update some of those tired room in your home.

window furnishings including Blinds, Shutters, Awning and Curtains for both internal and external application and newly introduced Soft Furnishings such as Lounges, Upholstery, Wall Paper and Rugs are just some of the wonderful products available!

Ayub Ali, Director of Fatin Furnishings has had over 15, years’ experience in the industry. Ayub knows that just as important as quality of the product is the quality of both the measuring and the installation. Being able to install all window furnishings has allowed Ayub to fully understand what is required in each window opening , Ensuring thaty on the day of Installation his team of Qualified installer will guaranty a quality installation.!

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