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Decorating tips for curtains and window blinds

The place’s aura and look are greatly influenced by the window blinds and curtains in Dubai. It is important for the surroundings and the ambience that the room is well decorated with the matching colours and style.

For the window treatments, colours are varied and should be chosen to match with the room. However, the timeless one that never looks out of place is definitely white. Even white comes in numerous shades. You can even try and mix them for a better impact.

The pure one: This has recently made a bang on come back in the market. Along with white, a translucent and light colored curtain gives a very fresh look.  On the other hand, you can choose neon colors too that give a very young look to the room.

The Trendy one: In terms of décor, there are two types of curtains. One is the feminine one while the other is more on the minimal side. The feminine category includes the embroidered curtains, patterned, patchwork, seasonal and flowery curtains. The minimal on the other hand are the natural fabric curtains.

Personal touch: Make sure they match the surroundings of the room and the interiors. This will add a finishing touch to the blinds and curtains in Dubai

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